Friday, December 5, 2008

Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste command is normal command while working with computer. My story is about cut and gone!! You must be wondering what am i talking about here, right? This year for the first time, I have made a major decision which will never give a chance to regret. The decision is either affecting my life in a way, whether i have made the right choice or not. Somewhere end of year 2007, I was having bleeding right after my menstrual circle. It's been dragging on and off for almost a month. Went to Gynae at Johor Specialist for screening and doctor proceed for DNC to clear the blod clog around my uterus. I got rests for 2 weeks and when returned for further check-up doctor detected that there is an unhealthy cell grow in my uterus. Since i never do the papsmear test since i got married, doctor could not give me her firm view from the result. The unhealthy cell is could be the range for cell cancer to grow..could be. Of course that moment, I already scared and crying can't imagine what will happen to me, my hb, my kids and my family. Doctor made another arrangement to further check on the cell for cancer test, this test was a bit painful. I was given another week for the result. Thank god, there was no sign of cancer in that unhealty cell. However, the case did not end there. I was bleeding again. This time, doctor suggesting me to consider remove the uterus since i am not planning to have anymore child at my age now. She convincing me that the point for a women to have their uterus is, planning for another child. Of course for my case, i did not plan to pregnant again and the worst part is my uterus is kind of problem which has caused me unhealty live. She ensure that right after the surgery I will not having anymore bleeding problem and free from cervical cancer. So me and hubby had a discussions and make some reference through internet. What are the consequences i will be facing after the surgery? Well to me, aku berserah padamu ya allah.

with my loving husband, just admitted

after one day operation, with my parents and kids

Look at my kids, how do they live without me?

It's about to go scared, but still got time to snap

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Hati berkata-kata... tapi tak mampu bersuara tanpa jari-jemari...Terima kasih pada keluhuran hati dan keikhlasan jari-jemari.....sayang dari LadyAna




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