Friday, January 2, 2009

First day at Work 2009

Today is the first working day for year 2009. Me and my new tudung "Ekin" and the new blinking & tangling brooch!!!Hehehe..The feeling is just like those student coming back to school..very excited..(this feeling will last for a week - is the most!)

While driving, I feel something not right, my instinct keep prompt on and off that I have left something behind...what is it? I can't figure it out. The moment when i parked my car, and locked the steering, I was about to scream...oh my god!!! My shoes was not in the car!! I only wear slippers while driving, and how do I go to my office with my ugly slipper? I don't have time to turn back and fetch for my shoes, it's such waste of time and petrol too. Then suddenly, I saw a pair of black shoes under the front seat which is belong's to my daughter. I can not be choosy at that time but to consider the flat shoes rather than the ugly slippers right?

When I reached office, another shocking news that came to me was the chiller water pipe that is located on the ceiling was overleakage and has caused mini flooded in our office yesterday. The water was spilled over the carpet very badly and it has caused a very heavy smell. So for the first day at work, we were busy cleaning the office which was in terrible mess. WHAT A FIRST DAY FOR 2009!!!


  1. hurmm patut la ada hikmah napa akak pakai selipar tu...
    rupanya nak suh bersihkan opis..heheheh..

  2. keje ke....


    epy new year....

    cantek tudung ekin tu...N tkt nk minat...

  3. cun ler akak pakai tudung ikin

    adoiler.......1st day naik kerja di tahun baru dah jadi camtu....he he he....ada hikmah akak terlupa pakai kasut cantik least tak kotor time nak membersihkan opis tu......

  4. and the chinese believe that water pouring on a new year is suppose to mean goodluck or more specific 'rezeki mencurah curah'..but then the sales team got a whack!! Certainly not goodluck for us..


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